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We offer Systema Martial Arts after school programs where students can receive direct training making it more convenient for parents. These types of programs can add a new and diverse class to your school’s after school schedule. This program will help your students build confidence and self-esteem, learn team work, develop self-discipline, and develop problem-solving and conflict skills. Together, your school and our martial arts program can help your students develop into better human beings.


Schools Partnerships

Rosarian Academy

Location: Palm Beach


Palm Beach Day Academy (Lower Campus)

Location: West Palm Beach


Saint Jude Catholic School

Location: Boca Raton


Little Place

Location: Wellington


Little Place Too

Location: Wellington

Community Programs


Our programs in local community centers provides the community with the benefit of classes that will give children the opportunity to learn and make lasting connections through experience and expression.


Community Partnerships

Mandel Jewish Community Center

Location: Boynton Beach



Palm Beach Island Recreational Center

Location: Palm Beach Island

Register: by emailing Dawn Helton at


SYSTEMA is a complete set of concepts and training components that enhance one’s life. In this case, acquiring the martial art skill is a way to improve the function of all seven physiological systems of the body and all three levels of human abilities the physical, the psychological and the spiritual.

advantages of systema

Psychological benefits of Systema are profound.  There are no belts or ranks in Systema because of these breed unhealthy competition and pride.  We clearly do not wish for our children to focus on things that are superficial, vain and destructive.  The non-competitive setting develops friendships, helpfulness, and shifts the focus of training towards building personal qualities, to attaining achievements that are not necessarily displayed but are internal – such as overcoming impatience, laziness, envy, egotism.  Prevailing over the unwanted traits builds the qualities that are permanent and real.