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There is a fundamental difference in Systema instruction for children versus adults.
Working with children is done by setting up non-offensive, non-violent drills – teaching children to defend themselves and get out of challenging circumstances without using violence. Instruction focuses on breathing, free movement and connecting the mind and body. Children learn how the body works through functional drills that focus on balance, stability, and coordination.
Each class is structured into a warm-up, a fun vigorous activity and a cool-down. Breathing, free movement and relaxation are incorporated into all aspects of the class.
Activities include: creative movement, touch and escape work, learning to fall safely, rolling, running, jumping, strength and flexibility exercises, breathing exercises and problem-solving scenarios.
Through continued practice, children learn to assess a situation and make the best decision based on how balanced they are in their minds and bodies. The goal of the program is to help children make better decisions and think pre-emptively in all aspects of their lives.

Practical Example

Working with eyes closed – training to improve sensitivity, hearing, sense of direction, memory, the ability to make decisions in complex situations. Children love working with their eyes closed and do it easily.


Children are able to learn and make lasting connections through experience and expression. Children are naturally free in their minds. If their minds are free and children have been taught to move freely – the better moves they will make.
Unlike structured sports, yoga or other martial arts, Systema does not have set movements or instruction. Children do not have to fit into a “box”. This allows them to work without self judgement and reduces judgement of others.
Children are taught to be free but responsibly and make good choices. They are instilled with values of respect and caring for others.

advantages of systema for children

Children encounter emotional, social, and physical challenges and conflicts in every aspect of their lives, Systema teaches children to breathe away fear and respond with a relaxed mind and body. Children are more confident in their ability to face challenges, assess situations, and react with a clear mind.

1  Physical fitness and health

2  Emphasis on free movement

3  Developing creativity through movement

4  Problem-solving ad conflict skills

5  Building confidence and self-esteem

6  Developing strong self-discipline

7  Learning team work

8  Compassion and respect for others